What Are Some of the Names of Cast Members That Have Been on TMZ?

Harvey Levin, Max Hodges, Kelly Berning, and Shevonne Sullivan are some of the people who work on the TV show “TMZ on TV.” The show has also had Rick Mitchell, Matthew Weiss, Dax Holt, and Eric Holley on it.

“TMZ on TV” is a news magazine-style show about what’s going on in Hollywood. It grew out of the website TMZ, which has news about famous people. In September 2007, it was first shown.

Levin started TMZ. He is a lawyer, a TV producer, and an expert on the law. He is the host of “TMZ on TV” and has made shows like “The People’s Court” and “Celebrity Justice.”

Hodges spent eight years working for TMZ. He likes to surf and has also been on the show “Millionaire Matchmaker.” He first worked for the website TMZ. He said that knowing his fans would miss him was the hardest part about leaving the show.

TMZ is known for being the first to report big celebrity news, like Michael Jackson’s death, which Hodges said made him especially proud.

As of 2015, Van Lathan, Ryan Satin, Mike Walters, Chad Weiser, Evan Rosenblum, Peter O’Riordan, Raquel Harper, and Anna Kachikyan are also part of the “TMZ on TV” cast.

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