What Are the Character Traits of Johnny Cade?

Johnny Cade’s characteristics in “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton include bravery, devotion, and altruism. He stands up for what he believes in, accepts responsibility for his acts, discovers a surrogate family in his group, and realises that violence is not the answer to everything.

Johnny Cade is damaged, first by his verbally and physically abusive parents and then by members of the rival gang, the Socs. He desires family and discovers it among the greasers. Ponyboy believes that Johnny would have never experienced love and affection if not for his friends. Johnny is devoted to his gang, the Greasers, but stands up to them when he believes he must and refuses to let them take the blame for his actions.

After accidently murdering one of the Socs, Bob, Johnny hides with Ponyboy. Their pals believe that Johnny should go into hiding in order to avoid difficulties. Johnny resolves to turn himself in as a demonstration of his dedication to Ponyboy because his actions will influence him. Before he did, he, Ponyboy, and his friend Dally rescued a number of children from a burning structure. Johnny recognises that a brawl between the two gangs is not the solution to their problems, but he is unable to prevent it. Knowing how much he meant to his gang, he dies a hero.

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