What Are the Ford Motor Company’s Objectives?

The goals of Ford Motor Company cover a wide range of areas, such as sales, research and innovation, safety, and protecting the environment. According to StreetInsider.com, one of Ford’s financial goals in 2014 was to increase its sales around the world and make its geographic profits more balanced by 2020.

Ford Motor Company wants to increase the number of cars it sells each year by 45 to 55 percent, to a total of 9.4 million by 2020. The company wants to get a much bigger share of the market in places like Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East that are not in North America.

Ford’s goals for research and safety are based on continuing to put money into better materials and technology. It is expanding its Palo Alto Research and Innovation Center in California’s Silicon Valley and working on the Ford Blueprint for Mobility, which focuses on making cars safer, more connected, and able to drive themselves. The company is also coming up with new materials, such as the high-strength, military-grade aluminium alloy used in its F-150 truck model for 2014.

Ford’s goals for sustainability include making all of its vehicles more fuel-efficient and reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during the manufacturing process, with a goal of a 25% reduction between 2011 and 2016. It has set a number of goals related to sustainability, such as using more recycled and renewable materials in the interiors of its cars, reducing the amount of volatile organic compound emissions from painting cars, and using less water and making less waste.

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