What Are the Gangster Disciples 16 Laws?

The rules and principles that make up the 16 Laws of the Gangster Disciples were written down by the group’s founder, Larry Hoover, while he was in prison. They explain how the Gangster Disciples, who were also called the Black Gangster Disciples and the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, should act and think.

Larry Hoover, who started GD, was born in a small town in Mississippi on November 30, 1950. In the late 1950s, he moved to Chicago with his family. Hoover was a member of several gangs when he was young, such as the Devil’s Disciples and the Black Disciples. Hoover started the Gangster Disciples in 1974, when he was just starting to serve his life sentence for murder.

Hoover kept in touch with his gang even while he was in jail. As the leader of the gang, he gave the members 16 rules to follow. In fact, these guiding principles sound more like a promise. In them, GD members swear not to treat other GD members badly, to defend GD and give their lives if they have to, to help other members if they need it, and to only follow Hoover’s teachings.

At ngcrc.com, you can find a full list of the 16 laws and other Gangster Disciples writing.

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