What Are the GE Employee Discounts?

Employees of General Electric get an average discount of 20% on GE appliances like washers, dryers, air conditioners, and refrigerators. They also get discounts on a wide range of other GE and Hotpoint products. Through GE’s online employee store, employees and retirees can buy GE products at a discount.

When employees buy policies through General Electric’s Electric Insurance Company, which only serves GE employees, they can get discounts on auto insurance, personal liability insurance, and home insurance. The Electric Insurance Company’s employees can pay their premiums by having money taken out of their paychecks. This gives them an extra 2–4% discount on their premiums.

The Electric Insurance Company gives discounts for having more than one policy. In many states, auto insurance policies automatically cover the cost of replacing a new car at no extra cost. Policyholders of the Electric Insurance Company can also sign up for disaster alerts that let them know when a hurricane, tornado, or wildfire is coming to their area. There are also services for emergency roadside help, recovering the costs of identity theft, and restoring your identity.

In addition to discounts, GE gives its employees health and dental insurance, a retirement plan that kicks in after three years, and a 401(K) plan with a 50% company match up to 8% of pay. It will also pay for your schooling.

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