What Are the Identifying Tattoos of the “Gangster Disciples”?

Gangster Disciples tattoos include a six-pointed star, an eight ball, three dots in the shape of a triangle, pitchforks, a die with the number six, a heart with wings, and an upside-down cane. Even the numbers and letters that are tattooed mean something.

Certain tattoos show that a person is a member of the Gangster Disciples gang. They can also show a person’s beliefs or be used to keep track of violent acts. The six-pointed star is used by the gang because its members like the number six. This is also why the die shows a six. Six is supposed to stand for life, love, loyalty, knowledge, respect, and understanding. People in gangs also get tattoos of just the number six. When gangs don’t like each other, they use pitchforks and canes turned on their heads. An eight ball is a sign of a deal with the Crips, which is another gang.

The Gangster Disciples also get the letters “GD,” which stand for “Gangster Disciples,” tattooed on their bodies. They can also use numbers to represent the letters, like 7 for G and 4 for D. In a tattoo, the letters BOS and BOSS mean “Brothers of the Struggle” and “Brothers of the Strong Struggle,” respectively.

The Gangster Disciples are part of the Folk Nation, which is a group of Chicago-based street gangs that work together. All of the Folk Nation sets have a heart with wings. Other symbols, numbers, and letters can also be used in tattoos.

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