What Are the Major Industries in Massachusetts?

Computers and electronic equipment, instruments, industrial machinery and equipment, printing, chemicals, and fabricated metals are among the product categories manufactured in Massachusetts. Massachusetts is recognised as one of the nation’s largest industrial manufacturing hubs.

Boston, the most populous city in the state, is a hub for technology, finance, medical, education, and business services. As of 2014, the financial centre of the city is home to Fidelity Investments and John Hancock Financial Services. Major medical employers include the medical centres of Tufts University, Harvard University, and Massachusetts General Hospital. Boston is home to ten colleges and universities, six community colleges, six technical institutions, and four art schools, all of which contribute significantly to the city’s economy. Additionally, Boston is home to a number of prominent publishing houses.

More than 2 million pounds of fish are taken annually in the waterways near Boston, making fishing a substantial industry in the state. Agriculture also contributes significantly to the state’s economy, especially greenhouse and nursery products, cranberries, dairy products, sweet corn, and apples.

Tourism also attracts millions of visitors annually to the state, producing over $18.5 billion and sustaining 130,000 employment. Boston is a popular destination throughout the year, with a big inflow of people in the fall to view the foliage.

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