What Are the Objectives of McDonald’s?

The primary purpose of McDonald’s is to be the customer’s preferred dining establishment. In order to accomplish this, McDonald’s developed a global strategy titled “Plan to Win” that focuses on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The Plan to Win includes five components: people, products, promotion, location, and price. McDonald’s prioritises both its consumers and its staff. The company’s customer service initiatives will be sustained if its personnel are provided with a loving and stimulating environment. It is crucial to the proper operation of McDonald’s that franchise owners, food suppliers, and staff all have their demands met. McDonald’s also attempts to maintain a high ethical standard in the workplace and to give back to the community through the Ronald McDonald House family of organisations.

“For more than a decade, the Plan to Win, together with our system alignment, financial strength, and specific competitive advantages, has served as the foundation for our development,” said Don Thompson, president and CEO of McDonald’s corporation. “The Plan to Win continues to guide the evolution and execution of our global growth initiatives as we strive to become even greater and more successful,”

Due to the fact that McDonald’s is a publicly traded firm, preserving steady profits for its stockholders is also a top priority. The McDonald’s Plan to Win contains all of these critical elements for the company’s continuing expansion and market domination.

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