What Are the Salaries of CFL Players?

Currently, the average CFL player salary per season is $91,071 Canadian dollars (CAD). Each team’s payroll cap is $5.1 million. The minimum pay for a player is $52,000, with an annual increase of $1,000 until 2018. The salary ceiling will climb by $50,000 year until 2018

Quarterbacks have been the highest-paid players in the Canadian Football League. For the 2012 season, Anthony Calvillo, who played for Montreal, had a maximum salary of $400,000. Ricky Ray, who played for Toronto, likewise earned a maximum of $400,000 each year. Drew Tate, who played for Calgary, was paid a minimum of $200,000 and a maximum of $300,000.

After the 2014 CFL labour issue was resolved, veteran players received $7,500 signing bonuses and rookies received $1,500 signing bonuses. The CFL began a five-year television deal with TSN for the 2014 season, valued about $42 million per year. The CFL’s other television partners include RDS, ESPN, and ESPN2.

The Canadian Football League was created in Montreal, Quebec, on January 17, 1958. Today, the league’s regular season is 20 weeks long, with each team playing 18 games and having two bye weeks. The playoffs comprise a semifinal and final for each division. The season culminates with the Grey Cup match between the top two clubs.

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