What Are the Services Offered in a Post Office?

USPS sites include mailbox rental, purchase of money orders, and letter and package sending, with passport registration and renewal accessible at some locations. Basic mailing needs are met by both USPS employees and self-service Automated Postal Center (APC) equipment.

The major service offered by the USPS is the mailing of letters and shipments. Post offices offer various different shipping speeds, including Standard Post, First Class Mail, expedited Priority Mail and overnight Express Mail. Media Mail is a slower and cheaper shipping option meant for textbooks and printed educational material. Some combination of weight, shape and shipping distance factors into the cost of each technique.

The USPS offers extra services for tracking and validating both the sending and delivery of mail and parcels, including Certified Mail, Registered Mail, Delivery Confirmation and Signature Confirmation. Insurance is also offered and is depending on the value of the item transported.

Post offices rent P.O. boxes in three-month increments for receiving mail. They exist in many sizes to handle different speeds and sizes of incoming mail. The post office often houses these apart from other customer service sections so that they are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The USPS sells money orders and stamps, as well. Most post offices also sell greeting cards and shipping goods such as envelopes, boxes, tape, bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts

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