What Banks Let You Withdraw $10 From an ATM Without a Surcharge?

There does not appear to be a centralised location where one can find a directory of banks that provide free $10 ATM cash withdrawals. Customers of financial institutions participating in the Allpoint network can get cash from any Allpoint ATM without being charged a fee.

Cash machines from the Allpoint network can be found at well-known retailers like 7-Eleven, Target, and Walgreens. Anyone with an account at an Allpoint-enabled financial institution can withdraw cash from any Allpoint ATM without incurring any additional fees. Find nearby ATMs in the United States, Canada, and other countries with the help of Allpoint’s ATM locating tool, accessible via the company’s website.

There are certain stores that have ATMs that don’t charge a fee to use the machine. The Wawa chain of quick-stops is a good illustration. If your financial institution does not charge you an out-of-network fee, you can use any of these surcharge-free ATMs without paying anything.

It can be difficult to withdraw exactly $10 from an ATM because of the minimum currency denomination that the machine accepts. The New York City Exchange reports that many automated teller machines have a minimum cash withdrawal amount of $20.

If you need to get $10 out of your bank account but don’t feel like hunting down an ATM, you can get your money back by making a transaction at a store that accepts debit cards. This service streamlines the process by deducting the total cost of a purchase plus any applicable cash back all at once from the customer’s bank account. There is a wide variety of companies, from pharmacies like Rite-Aid and supermarket stores like Whole Foods to office supply retailers like Staples, that give cash back on debit card purchases.

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