What Benefits Do Kohl’s Employees Get?

When you work at Kohl’s, you get a discount on merchandise, medical, dental, and vision care, paid holidays, sick leave, and vacation time, life insurance, a 401k savings plan, a child care flex plan, and employee ownership of the company. Every month, an employee at each store is praised for doing a great job.

Full-time employees at Kohl’s get a comprehensive medical and dental health plan, while part-time employees have a different kind of medical plan. Kohl’s matches the amount of money that its workers put into their 401k plans. With the vision plan, you can save money on eye exams and eyeglass frames, lenses, and contacts. After working at Kohl’s for a year, workers are able to take paid vacation days. In the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, the company buys Kohl’s stock and puts it into a trust. Associates who are eligible for the plan can then share the stock.

People should go to Kohls.com, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on Careers under the “About Kohl’s” heading to look for job openings in every store and apply for a job. The department store Kohl’s sells a wide range of name-brand goods for the home, sports, electronics, jewellery, and clothing for the whole family.

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