What Companies Accept the Wells Fargo Visa for Home Projects?

Wells Fargo Retail Services says that you can use the Wells Fargo Home Projects Visa both at the home improvement store that gave you the card and anywhere else that accepts Visa. The card is called a Home Projects card only because it is offered by businesses in the home improvement industry. Once a customer has it, they can use it for any kind of purchase, whether or not it has to do with home improvement.

The Wells Fargo Home Projects Visa is part of a programme that Wells Fargo has for helping people get loans. Home improvement businesses like roofing, garage door, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) companies can apply to run a Home Projects Visa credit card programme. Customers of these stores can apply for the card if they want to buy goods or services on credit. If they are approved, they can buy things right away with the card. Since it is a revolving line of credit, they can keep using it at that store or anywhere else that accepts Visa.

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