What Do the Error Codes That Appear on Coke Machines Mean?

The numerical or alphabetic error codes that appear on vending machine screens indicate specific operational faults, allowing service staff to diagnose and repair them. Depending on the manufacturer, machines of various models display different codes. To determine the error codes for a specific machine, reference the troubleshooting section of the machine’s owner’s manual, which is frequently accessible on the manufacturer’s website.

The majority of vending machines display problem numbers on their LED or digital display when the refill door is open. Some codes also occur while the system is powered on but not functioning. Machines display both summary and specific error messages that specify the problem’s location for troubleshooting. After resolving a problem, the service technician clears the error display.

Produced by Royal Vendors and Sanden Vendo, Coca-Cola vending machines contain four-letter error codes with truncated language identifying the problem. “CHAr” or “CHnG” indicates an issue with the coin changer or its connections, but “bUAL” suggests a problem with the bill validator. A detail level error code of “bJ” denotes a jam, whereas “bFUL” indicates a full cash box and “bILL” indicates a faulty motor. “FriG” or “rFrG” appears when there are problems with the refrigeration system or temperature sensors, whereas “Chut” indicates that the chute has to be adjusted.

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