What do we really know about Harry Kane?

What do we really know about Harry Kane?
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What do we really know about Harry Kane?

What do we really know about Harry Kane?

There is a lot that everyone knows about Harry Kane. There’s the fact that he’s the captain of England’s national football team, a status that gives his wearer the kind of profile unattainable by most athletes, especially in tournament years. It is part of the fame of furniture, the fame of the royal family. Everyone has heard of Harry Kane.

Then there are the goals. Harry Kane scores goals with surprising efficiency. He scores goals with both feet and head. He scores short and long distance goals, for both good and bad teams. He doesn’t really seem to be subject to things like form or confidence. He just started scoring seven years ago and has never stopped.

He is currently scoring them for Tottenham Hotspur, but that too could change soon. In the run-up to Euro 2020, a record of interviews made it clear that, in Harry Kane’s mind, he might need to move on after this summer, if he is to achieve his ambition of win collective rather than individual prizes.

There’s another thing we do know about Kane, however, after last month, one thing that stands out above all the rest.

“England is No.1 for me,” Kane said in an interview with The New York Times a few weeks before the Euro. “It’s the greatest thing you can achieve. I dreamed of playing for England, but I also dreamed of winning something for England. It’s high on my list.

“You play in the Premier League and Champions League every year, but a major tournament only takes place once every two years. The window is much smaller. Winning something with England: that would be no. 1.

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