What Does “Attn” Mean on a Letter?

An “Attn” at the beginning of a letter indicates the location of the attention line. The attention line indicates the intended recipient(s) inside an organisation.

When writing to a corporation, it is customary to utilise the attention line, or “Attn.” When mail is received by an organisation, the attention line indicates to whom the package or letter should be delivered. You can utilise the attention line to contact someone as a representative of a company rather than as an individual. When sending mail to a business, the attention line should be written above the company name. U.S. Postal Service guidelines recommend putting the name of the intended recipient before the name of the organisation in the address line. The attention line in a business letter comes after the salutation.

When not in a formal letter format, the abbreviation “Attn” is merely shorthand for “attention.” The acronym is frequently employed in writings that deliberately defy conventional language or in informal online discussions. The definition of “attention” as “the state of being attentive to one thing to the exclusion of all others” is a perfect match for the abbreviation’s intended use in a postal address.

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