What Does Eligible for Rehire Mean on Job Applications?

On job applications, the eligibility for rehire issue focuses mostly on a candidate’s relationship with a previous employer. Companies merely indicate whether a former worker is competent and deserving of rehiring for any reason.

Certain factors, including resignation on one’s own own, retirement, maternity leave, and the termination of a staff or professor assignment, are frequently suitable for rehiring. If employees are terminated and leave on good terms with their former employers, they are judged eligible for rehiring based on their past performance and positive contributions to the organization’s goals. Employers can benefit from rehiring formerly laid-off employees since they are aware of the individuals’ skills, shortcomings, and performance level. Rehiring former employees can also reduce the financial costs associated with conducting company, as firms will spend less money and time teaching new personnel the skills that their former employees already possessed. Sometimes, corporations suspend employees due to poor work performance, felony convictions, or other inappropriate activities that negatively damage the company’s or organization’s productivity. These persons are deemed ineligible for rehire and may have difficulty finding new employment.

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