What Does K Mean in Money?

After a numerical value denoting monetary value, the letter K represents thousands. In this context, 1K is $1,000 and 100K is $100,000. It is generally understood and acknowledged that both capital and lowercase Ks are valid and understood.

Letters usually come after numbers in the alphabetical order. Dollar signs are used in some contexts, but they are optional. If you need to talk about a number that doesn’t round to the next thousand, put a decimal point after it and only use ten digits. The amount $12,555 can also be written as $12,500.

As with other topics involving monetary value, β€œM” is frequently employed when referring to money. Million (both β€œMM” and β€œM”) stands for β€œmillion.” Therefore, $30MM equals $30,000,000. It is customary to use two decimal places ($30.58MM) when referring to monetary amounts in the millions.

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