What Font Looks Most Like the Currency Font Used on U.S. Money?

U.S. money doesn’t use a font. Instead, each coin and bill denomination has a design that was drawn by hand and then engraved onto custom dies. LTR Federal is a commercial font that was made to look like U.S. banknotes of different denominations. LTR Federal is available both as a set of fonts and as a vector image that can only be used once.

A different engraved plate is used for each part of a U.S. bill. Different engravers focus on different parts of the design, like text, portraits, or other parts. Specialized engravers are in charge of making the plates that give new bills their colours and other security features.

Every day, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing sends out 26 million bills. Most of these bills are made to replace bills that are being taken out of circulation, not to add to the amount of money in circulation in the US. At this rate, 9.6 tonnes of ink are used every day.

The $100 bill is the highest amount of money that is being made and used right now. Notes with a higher value that are already in circulation and older coins can still be used as payment. Foreign money, like gold and silver coins valued by weight, is not always accepted in the U.S.

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