What Is 2/5 As a Percentage?

Forty percent is similar to two-fifths. The result of dividing the numerator, 2, by the denominator, 5, is 0.40. Multiplying decimal values by 100 converts them to percentages, therefore 0.40 is equivalent to 40 percent.

There are numerous methods for converting a decimal to a fraction. Converting the fraction to a decimal is the easiest method, but it typically requires a calculator. Alternately, the fraction can be multiplied so that the denominator equals 100. Multiply the top and bottom by the same amount to do this. Multiplying the fraction 2 over 5 by 20 generates the new fraction 40 over 100. Due to the fact that a percentage is the proportion of a whole, or 100 percent, the numerator of 40 in this new fraction is equal to the fraction as a percentage.

Algebra is the last method for turning a fraction to a percentage. Due to the fact that the % is a fraction of 100, the fraction can be set to equal x over 100. In this situation, 2 over 5 equals x over 100. Multiplying 2 by 100 isolates the variable, yielding 200 over 5, or 40, which is equal to the percentage x.

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