What Is 417 Italy Gold?

The stamp “417 Italy” on a piece of gold jewellery signifies that its purity is 10 karat gold and its origin is Italian. The “417” also denotes that it is 41.7 percent gold.

Italian-made gold jewellery has the reputation of being the best and most exquisite. Gold jewellery with these markings doesn’t always always signify that it was created in Italy. It can also suggest that the piece was created by an Italian system and machinery, which is known for outstanding quality.

The pureness of the gold is expressed in percentages. Stamps of value are affixed to jewellery in different ways in different countries. When purchasing European-made jewellery, look for a three-digit number, such as “999,” that denotes the gold’s purity level. However, in the United States, this signifies that the item is 24 carat gold when written as “24K.”

Gold jewellery typically contains a small amount of gold together with other metals, most commonly alloys. Gold is soft as compared to all other metals, which are hard. Items with a higher gold content feel softer and have a deeper yellow hue. Since it is easily damaged, 24 carat gold is rarely used for jewellery.

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