What Is 5/8 of an Inch on a Ruler?

On a ruler, five-eighths of an inch is located beyond half an inch and before one inch. If the ruler divides inches into eighths, 5/8 inch corresponds to the fifth mark from the left on the ruler. If the ruler divides inches into sixteenths, the tenth mark is found.

Determine if the ruler indicates eighths or sixteenths by counting the number of marks between an inch mark and the following inch mark. Generally, inches are denoted with a number and a longer line. Half-inches, quarter-inches, eighth-inches, and sixteenth-inches are denoted by increasingly shorter lines. halfway between the left end of the ruler and the 1-inch mark is half an inch. On a ruler that divides inches into eighths, the following line is 5/8 inch. Two lines away from the half-inch mark on a ruler dividing inches into 16ths.

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