What Is 625 As a Fraction?

625 can be written as the fraction 625/1 since any number is identical to itself when divided by 1. However, 0.625 can also be stated as the fraction 5/8.

Any whole number can be written as the fraction a/b, given that both a and b are whole numbers and b is not zero. For every whole number a, the fractional representation is a/1. The fractional representation of 625 is 625/1.

A more frequent math question is how to express 0.625% as a fraction. Obtain the fractional form over multiple procedures. Multiply a number by a form of 1 without changing its value; in this case, by the fraction a/a, where an is any nonzero number. Multiplying 0.625% by 1000/1000 eliminates the decimal point and results in the number 625/1000. The next step is to reduce this fraction to its lowest terms by dividing the numerator and denominator by their common factors.

625 and 1000 share a common factor of 25, therefore dividing the numerator and denominator by 25 produces 25/40. 25 and 40 share a common factor of 5, so dividing each number by 5 produces 5/8. The fraction 5/8 is written in lowest terms, which indicates that the numerator and denominator have no factors bigger than one.

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