What Is a 10-Key Experience?

In this context, “ten-key experience” refers to a person’s familiarity with the 10-key pad on a standard keyboard. This is a common practise for those who enter data using numeric keypads. In order to avoid distractions caused by the alphabet and the number line at the top of the keyboard, some people prefer to use the 10-key pad instead.

Experience with the 10-key board is typically quantified in terms of key presses per minute (kpm). In some ways, this is analogous to the “wpm” or words per minute used to measure typing speed. Many jobs, including those in customer service, transcription, and medical coding and invoicing, require proficiency with a ten-key keyboard.

Gaining 10-key proficiency can be accomplished in a variety of settings, including public libraries, temp agencies, community colleges, and online seminars. Training in a variety of different areas, including word processing, data entry, and spreadsheets, is a common perk of working for a temp agency. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that data entry keyers make a median hourly income of $13.47 as of May 2012, with the highest 10% making $20.00 an hour.

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