What Is a 1090 Tax Form?

The Internal Revenue Service says that there is no Form 1090 for tax purposes in the United States. Forms 1040, 1040-A, and 1040-EZ are used to file federal income taxes. Forms 1095, 1098, and 1099 can also be used to report non-wage income or expenses. The official website of the Canada Revenue Agency says that a Form T1090 is filled out when an RRIF annuitant dies.

Form 1095 is given to taxpayers to show information about their health insurance. It comes in three versions: A, B, and C. The first year that this form is used is 2014. The IRS says that Form 1098 is used to report deductions like mortgage interest paid (no letter), a boat, plane, or car given to charity (1098-C), student loan interest paid (1098-E), or tuition paid or billed (1098-T).

The IRS website shows that Form 1099 reports a wide range of income and some deductions, such as the following: the loss of a secured property (1099-A), the sale of stock through a broker (1099-B), the cancellation of a debt (1099-C), dividends paid to shareholders (1099-DIV), government payments like state tax refunds and unemployment (1099-G), Health Coverage Tax Credit advance payments (1099-H), interest paid to account holders (1099-INT), credit card transactions (1099 (1099-SA).

The 1099-MISC is a catch-all form that is used to report rental income, royalties, fishing boat income, medical and health care payments to physicians, non-employee compensation, direct sales, crop insurance proceeds, payments to an attorney, excess golden parachute payments, and, just in case, other income.

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