What Is a Business Registration Number?

It is necessary for a firm to obtain a business registration number from the appropriate authorities in the state in which it will conduct its operations. The Internal Revenue Service reports that some states mandate business registration with the state’s department of revenue. In certain jurisdictions, new company registration paperwork can be submitted digitally, while in others, it must be delivered in person to the appropriate department of finance.

U.S. Small Business Administration guidelines note that while business registration may be necessary in some states, all new enterprises in the United States are required by federal law to apply for and obtain an EIN. An EIN, or Federal Tax Identification Number, is a nine-digit number used to establish the legal existence of a firm as distinct from its owners. According to the California Tax Service Center, only legal entities can apply for a federal tax identification number (EIN). Unless a sole proprietor plans to pay federal excise or payroll taxes, they do not require an EIN. Online at the IRS site is where you may submit your application for an EIN.

Businesses that distribute, sell, or import fur, textile, or wool products are eligible for a Registered Identification Number from the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Although they aren’t mandated, businesses may choose to include their EIN on any needed labels or tags instead of their name.

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