What Is a Clapboard House?

A clapboard home is coated in horizontal wooden cladding known as clapboards. One edge of the wood siding is thicker than the other. In 17th- and 18th-century America, clapboard was the most popular sort of siding.

The origin of the word “clapboard” is the Dutch verb “klappen,” which means “to split.” Clapboard siding is also known as bevel siding or lap siding due to the fact that one board overlaps the board underneath it. Clapboards are sometimes known as “weatherboards” because they shield the interior of the home and its occupants from weather conditions.

Clapboards were originally fastened to ordinary external two-by-four structure, and mud was added to keep out insects and dampness. Between the frame and the clapboard, a moisture barrier is now built. Numerous early colonial homes were constructed with clapboards; in New England, these homes are still referred to as “Saltbox Colonials” due to their distinctive weathered appearance.

Aluminum, vinyl, and other more weather-resistant materials began to replace clapboard siding in the early 20th century. Clapboards must be painted frequently and are more costly to apply than other materials. Despite the fact that clapboard homes are initially attractive and charming, insects, rot, warping, and cracking eventually detract from their aesthetic appeal. The once-beautiful wood has lost its detail, and the once-charming dwellings now appear more worn and less appealing.

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