What Is a Commercial Industry?

A commercial industry is one that focuses on mass production with the goal of selling as many products to consumers as possible. Most things are made in factories with a lot of workers.

In a factory that makes things for sale, each worker is usually in charge of one part of the process. Most of the time, these factories use new or cheap technology.

Henry Ford’s assembly lines are an early example of production in a business industry. Each worker was given a station where he or she would do a certain job on a chassis. Once the job was done, the chassis was moved to another station. After stopping at each station, a finished car was ready. With this method, cars could be made faster and for less money.

A cottage industry also makes things for people to buy, but it does so in a different way than a commercial industry. A cottage industry usually only has one or two people working for it. It might be run from a home. A worker might make the whole thing by hand, using older methods instead of the most cost-effective ones.

Cottage industries include making clothes and jewellery at home. Most of the time, goods from cottage industries cost more than goods from commercial industries.

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