What Is a Copy Notation?

A copy notation is a type of formal letter closing. A list of people who should get a copy of the letter is called a “copy notation.” It shows that the letter is important to more than just the person to whom it is addressed.

In the past, people who liked to communicate formally through letters got copies of the letter in the form of carbon copies. With the rise of email, people are using carbon copies less and less. The copy notation, which is written as “cc:,” lists everyone who should get a copy of the letter.

On the last page of the paper, below the sender’s signature, there is a note that says “copy.” It helps make sure that the message gets to everyone who needs to know about it. After pressing the Enter key once when typing a letter, the “cc:” is put below the sender’s signature. After the “cc:” is a list of all the names of the people who should get a copy of the letter.

In contrast to the rest of the paper, all end notes, including the copy note, must only have one space between them. Other types of end notations are the reference initials, the file name, the enclosure, and the delivery. Most of the time, the end notations are only used in rare situations.

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