What Is a CR Seals Cross-Reference?

A CR seals cross-reference is a tool for locating suitable oil seals manufactured by competitors of Chicago Rawhide. Chicago Rawhide, a subsidiary of SKF, does not have a cross-reference listing for its oil seals. Both CR and SKF seals utilise the same cross-reference data.

There are two methods for cross-referencing oil seals: the conventional oil seal interchange and electronic oil seal cross-reference instruments. Traditional oil seal interchanges are available directly from manufacturers and are frequently included in the oil seal catalogue of a company. There are computerised cross-reference tools available on the manufacturer’s website, as well as through a number of oil seal and industrial parts dealers.

Utilize a traditional interchange or cross-reference chart by locating the manufacturer of your oil seal in the top row of the chart. Work your way down the manufacturer’s column until you locate the model number for your oil seal. All of the other oil seals in the same row are interchangeable. Infrequently, oil seal manufacturers employ a distinct interchange format with individual chapters or sections for each of their competitors in lieu of the standard chart.

Enter the model number of your oil seal and press the Search button to utilise the electronic CR seals cross-reference. The majority of tools return a list of compatible oil seal manufacturers and model numbers.

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