What Is a Fruit or Vegetable That Starts With the Letter “X?”

The xigua is a fruit or vegetable that starts with the letter “X.” The xylocarp and the ximenia are two other fruits or vegetables that start with the letter “X.”

The melon xigua comes from Africa. It has a green skin and a pink, fleshy inside that you can eat. In America, the xigua is called watermelon, which is a more well-known name for it.

The word “xylocarp” is used to describe any fruit with a hard, woody skin. A xylocarp is something like a coconut.

The ximenia tree in Africa grows a type of fruit that can be eaten. This fruit is called ximenia. The small fruit is less than 2 inches long and has one seed. Depending on the type, a ripe ximenia is either yellow, orange, or red with white spots. The fruit is liked by birds because it is sour and bitter to taste.

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