What Is a Memo Letterhead?

Contrary to formal letters, which are read by prospective customers, memos are distributed internally within a firm, eliminating the requirement for a formal letterhead. The standard format for a memo includes the sender’s name, a list of recipients, the subject, and the date. The official company logo, address, phone number, email address, and other contact details are not included on the letterhead of a memo.

The heading or letterhead may vary depending on the department or type of memo being issued. Financial memos, for instance, may appear more official than a memo promoting a corporate picnic. The material presented under the heading may also change based on the requirements of the department.

Although it is not required, several businesses print memos on corporate letterhead. This is especially important if the organisation has multiple branches or divisions, as the letterhead helps to identify which division is responsible for the correspondence.

The majority of word processing software contains templates for formatting internal communications. Additionally, there are other templates available online. Some businesses create their own templates and require their staff to utilise them whenever they send internal memos.

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