What Is a Modified Block Style Letter?

A letter with a modified block format is one kind of standard business correspondence. It differs from block format in that the writer’s name, firm name, address, date, and closure are positioned a few spaces to the right of centre or along the right margin, as opposed to the left margin.

The standard and most formal format for a business letter is block style, in which all text is aligned to the left margin and there is no indentation between paragraphs. Standard format for business letters includes a colon after the salutation and a comma after the conclusion, however open style omits punctuation in both of these locations. Not only are modified block-style letters considered significantly less formal than the full-block style, but they can also be simpler to read visually due to their more uniform horizontal spacing throughout the page.

Modified block-style letters are also distinct from semi-block style, which aligns all text to the left margin but has paragraph indents and double or triple spacing between paragraphs. Modified block-style letters are also distinct from modified semi-block style, which indents the author’s address, date, and closure, but not always in the centre or flush right of the page. When utilising letterhead stationery, it is unnecessary to repeat the author’s name, business name, and address. The date might be placed flat right or somewhat to the right of the centre of the page.

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