What Is a Permanent Easement?

According to the legal company Koley Jessen, an easement is an interest in land that grants or limits the right to use that land by someone who does not own or own it, and a permanent easement is one that is tied to the deed and continues to effect the land despite changes in ownership. The characteristics of easements are determined by state legislation.

The possessor of an easement may not occupy or exclude others from utilising the land unless their usage interferes with the holderโ€™s. According to FindLaw, the landowner is permitted to continue using it. Unless the agreement specifies differently, easements are normally considered permanent.

Permanent easements can be established via negotiation, implication, necessity, adverse occupancy, or condemnation. Financial transactions may be part of an agreement reached through negotiation. When a landowner sells two adjacent parcels of land to different buyers, but there is only one driveway, an easement by implication may result. Purchase of a landlocked site that cannot be accessed without an easement creates a necessity. Unauthorized long-term use of property, such as a roadway or road, without the ownerโ€™s consent constitutes adverse possession. When a government requires land for a road or sidewalk, condemnation might generate an easement.

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