What Is a Principal Officer in a Corporation?

A principal officer is typically a manager with the authority to sign contracts and make significant business decisions on behalf of the corporation. Officers are distinguished from regular employees by corporate law because officers have a higher obligation to manage the corporation’s business.

A corporation’s chief officer is sometimes known as an executive officer. Typically, the chief executive officer is the corporation’s most senior officer and reports to the board of directors, a group of managers who oversee the corporation’s activities. The CEO’s position varies from organisation to organisation, but often entails organisation leadership. The chief financial officer controls financial risks, directs financial planning, and maintains financial records. The chief operating officer oversees the corporation’s everyday operations. Some companies confer the title of president on a senior principal officer who ranks above corporate vice presidents and collaborates closely with the CEO to achieve the organization’s objectives.

The management of a limited liability company are its key officers. The chief officials of a partnership may also be referred to as managing partners, executive partners, or administrative partners. In a sole proprietorship, the chief executive officer is also the only owner.

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