What Is a Programmed Decision and Can You Give an Example?

A programmed choice is one that a manager has made repeatedly in the past. It is a normal and repetitive process in which a management adheres to specific norms and regulations. Re-ordering office supplies is an example of a scheduled choice.

Existing company rules and procedures facilitate the management of automated decisions. They are simple and handled in accordance with formal patterns. Multiple instances of the concerns addressed by these judgements have occurred previously.

In order to save time and maintain consistency, programmed decisions that are based on easily identifiable factors and do not require much discussion are frequently automated. They are carried out in accordance with a set of guidelines for decision-making and corporate policies. As these decisions have been made previously, they are well-structured and have positive outcomes.

A manager need little time to make a conclusion when making a programmed business choice because the issue is not novel. Thus, programmed decisions assist managers in making consistently effective decisions. Regularly, managers make programmed judgments. For instance, when managing customer service concerns, the decisions provide remedies that have previously proven effective. They were also utilised for ordinary disciplinary procedures to address common workplace wrongdoing. When addressing technical challenges, they adhere to a consistent, time-tested procedure.

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