What Is a Vintage Turner Wall Accessory Print Worth?

Many of the thousands of items of furniture, artwork, and mirrors manufactured by Turner Manufacturing Company can still be found in use today. Vintage Turner wall accessories and other goods have not considerably appreciated in value because to the high supply and low starting worth, so they may be purchased quite cheaply even though they are no longer produced. Turner wall prints, in contrast to more costly antiquities, have no established market value and are therefore worth just what buyers are prepared to pay. Although the firm saw some success during its prime, even moderate prosperity eventually led to its demise.

Can You Tell Me About the Background of Turner Manufacturing?

The Turner Manufacturing Company, based in Chicago, created a wide range of prints and paintings that are still available today. However, the expense of assessing these items typically outweighs their true worth. Turner wall art was more for decorative purposes than for serious art collectors, and it could be found at reasonable costs in discount stores.

Most of the wall art in Turner’s house were replicas of Old Master paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries. The corporation commissioned unidentified painters to create paintings that reflected a more contemporary aesthetic. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the company expanded its product offerings to include mirrors and shelving.

Turner Wall Art Accessories Traits

Turner’s signature appears on many of his paintings, albeit the location of the signature is not always immediately evident, especially in reframed works. Turner’s paintings of birds have a small premium.

Man-made materials, such as plastic, are resistant to moisture, heat, and light degradation, which helps explain why so many examples of Turner wall art have lasted throughout the years, rather than the more expensive natural materials that would have been used otherwise. Turner’s wall paintings weren’t viewed as particularly superior when they were first sold, and nothing much has changed in that regard over time. For instance, auctions typically fetch less than $100 for mirrors and shelving.

It’s true that there are some rare pieces of Turner wall art that are more valuable overall. An original Turner wall poster from the 1960s with modifications by artist Max Freshman sold at auction for $1,500, despite the fact that the print probably would have sold for less than $50 without the modifications.

If you have some old Turner memorabilia that you’d like to sell, where would you do that?

You can find old Turner wall accessory arts for anywhere from $10 to $300 on the internet. Consider the object itself, its condition, and the venue for sale before parting with your prized artwork. Portraits and scenic prints of cities, isolated nature spots, or bouquets sell for more in antique shops or through private sale than at auctions. However, private sales can be difficult to arrange, and if you sell to a dealer or antique shop, you’ll probably only get 30-40% of whatever the item is resold for.

Craigslist can be a great way to connect with local buyers if you’re selling a product or service. You can sell it at no cost in your own neighbourhood or in a nearby larger city. If you have multiple items to offer, you could also consider using Etsy, albeit you can expect Etsy to deduct some fee from your sales. Worldwide visibility and heavy traffic can also be found on sites like Amazon’s MarketPlace, ArtFire, and eBay.

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