What Is Burger King’s Mission Statement?

Burger King’s objective is “to make and sell quick-service food to meet the needs of our guests more precisely, promptly, courteously, and in a cleaner atmosphere than our competitors.” In addition to a mission statement, Burger King also employs a “commitment.” Burger King is committed to “quality ingredients, distinctive recipes, and family-friendly dining”

Burger King bases its everyday operations on its goal and promises. Since its founding in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, Burger King’s mission statement has been displayed at its restaurants and on its websites worldwide. The corporation uses the phrase “HAVE IT YOUR WAY” to convey an image of superior customer service and the flexibility to meet any customer requirements.

In addition, Burger King collaborates with and listens to its employees, customers, and business partners, and is concerned with teaching children, preserving the environment, creating employment opportunities, and assisting families in eating well. According to its English website, Burger King adheres to corporate responsibility, which it defines as “considering the impact of everything we do beyond a strong bottom line.” It entails doing the right thing as a corporate citizen in today’s global economy while achieving business goals and objectives successfully…. Our strategy is therefore stakeholder-driven and centred on four critical areas: food, people, the environment, and corporate governance.”

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