What Is “concreteness” in Communication?

In communication, “concreteness” refers to a message that is specific, direct, and conclusive. It is the antithesis of vagueness and vagueness. To guarantee that the recipient of a message understands the sender’s goal in both personal and professional relationships, it is essential for there to be clear and precise communication.

Providing statistics and data is one approach to add concreteness to a statement. As an alternative to stating, “John is not the best at customer service,” one could state, “John has the lowest customer satisfaction rating in the division at 84 percent.” John’s degree of service in terms of the ratings index is unquestionable based on the evidence presented in this scenario.

Additionally, the employment of action verbs and strong imagery contributes to the concreteness of messages. Saying, “The package must be delivered by 8 p.m. tonight,” is more definite than stating, “Delivering the box by 8 p.m. is a crucial component of success.”

In the workplace, precise statements lessen the likelihood of ambiguity, confusion, and misinterpretation. Specific, concrete instructions from a supervisor, for instance, reduce the likelihood of employees failing to comprehend the assigned duties, standards, and deadlines. Similarly, concrete performance feedback from employees to supervisors enhances the monitoring of continuing progress.

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