What Is Dunkin’ Donuts Online Training?

The Dunkin’ University, which is also known as Dunkin’ Donuts online training, is a course for managers and people who want to open their own franchises. This six-week programme teaches people about all of the donuts and drinks that the company makes, as well as health and safety, customer service, and how the store works. People who are interested in the programme can set up an account and learn more about it by talking to a supervisor or manager.

Students can expect to learn about the company’s history and how the food is made. Also, different people may take different courses based on their current position or the position they want to get. For example, someone who already works as a baker might have a programme that focuses more on the baking side of the business. In the same way, a person who wants to own a franchise will have a different plan than someone who wants to be a manager.

Dunkin’ University began as a hands-on training programme that took place in a classroom. The goal of the people who made the programme was to make sure that quality and business practises were the same everywhere. Students were able to study at home, on their own time, and in their own space because the training programme was moved online. Students must put in the time needed to finish the online training modules and study the content that is available.

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