What Is Durham Life Insurance Company?

Most of the time it was in business, the Durham Life Insurance Company was based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since 1979, the company has gone through a number of mergers and acquisitions. As of 2014, it is no longer in business.

In 1906, the company began as the Durham Mutual Protective Association. It used to be based in Durham, but in June of 1920, it moved its corporate headquarters to Raleigh. At first, the company sold insurance for accidents, illness, and death at work to mostly low-income customers. Life insurance was also sold, but the premiums were much higher.

As the company grew, it started to offer more types of insurance. When it bought radio station WPTF in 1927, it grew into broadcasting. In 1972, the station changed its call signs to WQDR-FM. In 1977, the company bought the TV station WRDU-TV and changed its name to WPTF-TV.

In 1979, Durham Life Insurance became a subsidiary of Dunham Corporation, which was the parent holding company. In 1991, Dunham Corporation and Capital Holding Corporation joined together. In 1996, Capital Holding Corporation changed its name to Providian Corporation. Then, Providian sold the insurance it had to Ageon.

As of 2014, you can ask Monumental Life Insurance Company of Iowa about old policies you had with Dunham Life Insurance.

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