What Is in a Sample of a Repossession Letter?

A sample letter of repossession should include the name and address of the company doing the taking back, the name and address of the person whose things are being taken back, a list of the things being taken back and how much is owed on them, and a sample letter of repossession. There are websites and stores that sell office supplies where you can find letter templates for repossession. Legally, the person or company doing the repossession has to give some kind of notice, either before or after the repossession.

A letter to take back something other than a car might look something like this:

Name of the company or person doing the repossession

Address of business


Name of the person who didn’t pay for something


Dear recipient,

Unfortunately, we have to take back the things you bought on a certain date because you didn’t pay a certain amount of money. On this date, someone will come to your house to pick up the items you haven’t paid for yet.

After that, there should be a list of what needs to be paid for and when and where to pay it so that the repossession doesn’t happen.

The letter might end with one more paragraph of regret.

Most of the time, the person who has a car loan does not have to write such a letter.

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