What Is Interoffice Communication?

Interoffice communication is a way for people who work in the same office to talk to each other. Communication between offices is a key part of how well and efficiently an office works. Email, the intranet, instant messaging, and mail courier are all ways that people in different offices can talk to each other.

It can be hard for different staff members or departments that share an office to talk to each other well because of the size of the office, the logistics of how to talk to each other, and the limited amount of time. In the past, mail between offices was delivered by a mail courier, whose job it was to carry messages from one part of the office to another. In recent years, however, technology has made it easier and faster for people in different offices to talk to each other. Email is a common thing in the workplace of today. Also, many companies have an intranet, which is a private part of the Internet that only the office staff can access, or they encourage coworkers to talk to each other through instant messaging software.

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