What Is Operational Feasibility?

Operational feasibility means that a system or programme can be used, supported, and do the tasks it needs to do. It includes everyone who makes the system, runs it, or uses it. For the system to be operationally feasible, it must meet a business need.

Operational feasibility is shown by programmes that cut costs without lowering the quality of a product. Studies are done to make sure that programmes can be started in the current production facility, without the need for more equipment or staff. If there is a need for more space, equipment, or people, the system needs to change so that consumers see the product in a better light. This makes it possible to spend more on making the product because more sales and money are expected. One part of operational feasibility is whether or not it is possible to do something. Everyone who makes or uses the system, product, or programme needs to know how it works and be able to use it the way it was meant to be used. Not only do private businesses do feasibility studies, but so do all government agencies. If the end users don’t understand the changes made to a product or programme, it is not possible.

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