What Is Required to Buy a White Castle Franchise?

White Castle restaurants have been operating in the United States for nearly a century. The fact that more than 375 fast food restaurants are still totally under the company’s hands is even more astonishing. This accomplishment is virtually unprecedented for a restaurant business of this scale. Therefore, the solution to the question regarding franchise requirements is straightforward. White Castle restaurants are not currently available for franchise ownership, and the corporation has no plans to offer franchise opportunities for the brand in the future.

Numerous investors and foodies have questioned why the business has not yet offered franchising opportunities. The fundamental explanation given by the company is that White Castle remains committed to concentrating on being the best it can be rather than focused on rapid expansion. Representatives of White Castle routinely discuss increasing market share, sales, and profitability in current stores, rather than relying on franchise options to expand its number of locations.

A limited licence agreement with operators in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Shanghai, China represents the closest the company has ever come to a franchise agreement. The company asserts that by keeping operations in-house, it can open facilities near its food suppliers, maintain a consistent menu at all locations, and ensure a regular flow of consumers and earnings.

The White Castle Observation

White Castle’s square sliders are so popular that the firm designed a whole concept centred on the fervour with which customers desire them. Yes, “crave” is the brand’s official catchphrase, and the corporation delights in making entrepreneurs crave franchise opportunities as much as fans crave the burgers.

Background of the Slider

White Castle opened its first hamburger restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. The founder, Billy Ingram, and his business partner and chef, Walt Anderson, collaborated to provide slider burgers for 5 cents each. In 1933, Anderson ultimately chose to take his share of the earnings and depart the business after the partners’ subsequent success. Ingram maintained family control over the chain until his death in 1966, when his sons took over.

White Castle Places

East Coast and Midwestern residents have been raving about White Castle restaurants and hamburgers for decades. Currently, the family-owned firm has expanded its restaurant sites to encompass Western and Southern cities. Recent restaurant openings have occurred in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Las Vegas.

Currently, White Castle has over 375 outlets in thirteen states. Clearly, this is a negligible number compared to McDonald’s and Burger King’s global footprints of almost 37,000 and 13,000 locations, respectively. In 2021, the firm intends to open a new site in Orlando, Florida, increasing the chain to fourteen states.

White Castle Activities

The corporate office of the White Castle restaurant franchise is located in Columbus, Ohio. Since relocating to the city in 1934, the corporation moved into its second headquarters in the city in 2019.

Lisa Ingram, the great-granddaughter of firm founder Billy Ingram, currently serves as President and CEO. She handles all restaurant operations, supermarket facilities, and production locations for White Castle. She is also a member of the board of directors for the corporation.

White Castle is quite careful in its approach to commercial expansion, choosing places based on extensive demographic data. The most recent restaurant openings were based on knowledge about the most popular tourist destinations in the United States.

White Castle Items

In addition to operating restaurants, White Castle also packages its burgers for sale in supermarkets nationwide. Depending on where you live, frozen sliders may be available in a variety of package sizes in the freezer area of your local supermarket. Not yet available in your store? Recently, the company boosted its retail sales by forming new retail distribution relationships.

Sliders Forever?

White Castle’s hamburgers, according to its detractors, are not a healthy element of a balanced diet. However, each burger includes only 140 calories and roughly the same amount of protein as a single egg. White Castle burgers do not disturb a healthy lifestyle or diet when consumed in moderation.

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