What Is the Arkansas Hot-Check Law?

When a person in Arkansas writes a check for an amount he knows cannot be supported by the funds in his bank account, the “hot check” statute goes into force. Whether a hot-check writer has committed a felony or a misdemeanour depends on the amount of the returned check; however, the penalties vary based on the location of the offence.

In Saline County, Arkansas, for instance, it is a misdemeanour to write a bad check for less than $200. In 2014, he may be prosecuted with a crime if the check is over $200 or if he has written multiple checks totaling more than $500 within a three-month period.

In the city of Springdale, however, a person who writes a bad check for up to $1,000 is still considered a misdemeanour offence, however anything beyond $1,000 is considered a felony. In addition to facing criminal prosecution, a person who writes a bad check may face a civil penalty. As of 2014, a person who was the recipient of a fraudulent check in Arkansas may request the amount of the check plus a $30 fee.

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