What Is the Average Height and Weight of a 9-Year-Old Boy?

MDHealth says that a 9-year-old boy in the United States is usually 52.5 inches tall and weighs 63 pounds. It’s important to remember that many things can change this average, like growth spurts that cause kids to quickly gain and lose weight. A BMI calculator or chart can also take height and weight into account.

According to the CDC, the relationship between a child’s height and weight and BMI is calculated differently than for an adult, and it changes as the child gets older. The CDC cannot give healthy weight range charts for children because their weight changes as they grow taller. What is a healthy weight for children also changes every month. The CDC also says that BMI is not a direct way to measure body fat. Instead, it is just a way to compare the height and weight of children of the same gender and age.

WebMD has a tool that lets people figure out what a child’s adult height will be based on the heights of both parents. If you are worried about a child’s height or weight, it is best to talk to a paediatrician. There are also many BMI calculators for kids that you can find online.

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