What Is the Average Temperature of Cold Tap Water?

Location affects the average temperature of drinking water. In Milwaukee, the average temperature of cold tap water is 49.6 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature of drinking water can change depending on the time of year, where the temperature is being measured, and other environmental factors, such as the presence of factories and natural bodies of water.

Tap water in the northern states can be 6 to 10 degrees cooler than water in the southern states. In northern states like Michigan and Vermont, the average water temperature is 45.1 degrees Fahrenheit. In southern states like Florida and Alabama, the average temperature of cold drinking water is 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

The outside temperature has the biggest effect on the temperature of cold tap water. Since it only goes through a plumbing system and not a hot water heater, its temperature can change depending on how hot or cold it is outside. If the faucet of the sink has been left in the sun or exposed to heat, the temperature of the cold water will usually change, but it will return to a more normal level. Many older faucets have cold water that is warmer than it should be because they heat up more easily.

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