What Is the Biblical Symbolism of the Sparrow?

Sparrows have a lot of important meanings in the Christian Bible. These birds are small, and their colours are dull and boring. In the Bible, this physical insignificance shows how small and insignificant each soul is compared to the vastness of the universe.

Sparrows are also a sign of freedom, especially when it comes to the soul’s ability to choose between good and bad. Sparrows are small, light birds that can easily fly to the tops of tall trees and get through small spaces. Biblical writers say that these traits are like the soul’s ability to reach Heaven through faith and good deeds.

There are also other birds in the Bible that are used as symbols. For instance, the dove is a sign of peace, rebirth, and the Holy Spirit. Some English Bibles call vultures “eagles.” Vultures eat dead animals, and their presence in the Bible is a sign of purity and the end of death and evil.

Many other animals are also used as symbols in the Bible. For instance, snakes and serpents are seen as symbols of Satan. This kind of symbolism is a clear attack on pagan gods like the Babylonian Bel, who was shown as a huge stone serpent. Sheep and goats are also big symbols in the Bible. Sheep represent the good people who believe God’s word and do what it says. Goats stand for evil people who don’t want to know the truth or obey God.

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