What Is the Biggest Shoe Size in the World?

The Guinness Book of World Records has information regarding the oldest living person and the person with the largest foot. While the typical foot size for men is between a nine and a 12, with a median of approximately 10.5, the world record for the largest shoe size is significantly greater. Learn about the largest shoe size in the world and the difficulties associated with having particularly huge feet.

The 21st century has produced the largest shoe size ever.

Jeison Orlando Rodrguez Hernández of Venezuela is the current holder of the record for the world’s largest shoe size. The lengths of his feet are 40.55 cm (1.33 ft) and 40.47 cm (1.32 feet). In the United States, this corresponds to a men’s size 26. Most shoe manufacturers only go up to a US size 13 or 14 (or the equivalent in their nation), thus Hernández must have his shoes custom-made.

Largest Shoe Size Ever

Robert Wadlow, who wore US size 37AA shoes, currently holds the record for the highest shoe size ever. His feet measured 18.5 inches in length. Wadlow also held the record for world’s tallest man, which he still maintains as of today. Wadlow was 8 feet 11 inches tall when he died at the age of 22. Giantism was the result of a disorder known as hyperplasia of the pituitary gland. He was presumably still growing when he passed away.

What Are the Typical Shoe Sizes?

There exists a link between height and shoe size for both men and women. In average, shorter people have lower shoe sizes, and taller people have larger ones. Sultan Kosen, the world’s tallest man in the 21st century, has a shoe size that is only slightly smaller than that of Jeison Orlando Rodrguez Hernández. Men’s average shoe size is between 9 and 12, with an average of 10.5, while women’s average falls between 7.5 and 8. Women of normal height have shoe sizes between 6.5 and 10, whereas shorter women have shoe sizes between 5 and 8.5. Tall women have shoe sizes ranging from 9 to 15. In general, the shoe industry reports that shoe sizes have grown over the decades.

Associated Health Issues With Large Feet

Numerous health issues are related with extremely large feet, especially when combined with remarkable height, as in the case of Robert Wadlow. He suffered from gigantism, which is caused by an overproduction of human growth hormone by the pituitary gland. If he had lived in more contemporary times, he might have lived longer. According to Healthline, up to 80% of cases of gigantism are treated with pituitary gland surgery.

Acromegaly is a potential complication for individuals with excessively large feet or hands. This is another pituitary gland disorder that causes excessive growth hormone production. In contrast to gigantism, which can be diagnosed in younger children, acromegaly typically manifests after puberty and in middle life. This condition affects the face, the arms, and the legs. Patients may suddenly experience what appears to be a “growth spurt.” Normally worn rings may suddenly feel too tight, or the facial bone structure may appear altered. The illness can be diagnosed with a blood test, and it can be treated with surgery, medicine, or radiation.

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